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EPISODE 139:  Ashtan Moore

Discovering Your Why and Making Sure It Isn’t Money

Is discovering your why really that important to the success of your business?

On this episode of Winning Strategies Playbook, James Pederson is joined by marketing guru, Harley rider, and 4x guest, Ashtan Moore.

James and Ashtan deep dive into Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle” theory and the importance of understanding your “why” for achieving personal and company goals. Ashtan gets very candid about his record in entrepreneurship, but why he refused to give up when things weren’t quite working out the way he had hoped, and why that finally paid off.

They also discuss gratitude and the importance of saying thank you more often. Additionally, the hosts share personal stories, including how they built a non-profit and a portfolio of rental properties, and regret working too many long hours in their early 20s.

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