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How Do I Let Go of My Ego?

In this episode(18) of Winning Strategies Playbook, our host and real estate expert Jeremy Spann interviews Brinton Payne! Brinton is the founder of Legintel, a data analysis company serving within the legislative campaign space.

Jeremy and Brinton tackle the subject of egos! Egos get you in trouble and are directly related to insecurity. If you can tame your mindset within your own ego, especially in today’s world with social media and the ability to edit everything they put out online, then you will have a leg up on the competition! Enjoy!

  • About Brinton
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    • HEADLINE of the WEEK
      • A Major Contraction in Jobs By George Friedman
      • Last week for Episode 17 you were able to hear TJ and I talk about the difference between information and misinformation. We talk about the difference resources we use to complete that “Information Junkie Fix”.

        The week before on episode 15 email (you can always go to and click through the episodes to see the headlines and articles previously sent) I referenced the true unemployment numbers. We have the government reporting one set of numbers, but what are the accurate true numbers?

        This weeks GPF article references what we have been talking about. I know a thing or two about what Friedman is talking about since I have owned a restaurant for 10 years (you can also reference episode 14 with Chef and restaurant owner Jon Bonnell). Where is the economy heading? What is the true unemployment? How long will it take to make it back to some sort of normalcy?

        YOU DECIDE!!!

    • BOOK of the WEEK
      • The Storm Before the Calm by George Friedman
      • I am reposting this book that I posted previously for the 2nd weeks drop on Episode 3. I find this to be fitting to repost due to the turmoil this last week in politics and the economy.

        Further, I felt this was an important book to repost due to many of my guests have read the book where we have talk about it.

        I cannot recommend this book enough. There are a lot of things this book talks about where it really seems history is repeating it self. The 2020’s seem to be in turmoil and it seems like they will only get worse. Read and find out why!!


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