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Know Your Worth

In this episode(29) of Winning Strategies Playbook, our host and real estate expert Jeremy Spann interviews Chad Mills, owner of 375 Restoration Services. 

Chad knows general contracting like the back of his hand. In this episode, he speaks on why he never undercuts himself on bids, which leads to maximizing his time much more efficiently. Being an expert with your time and treating it like money, will always make you a better business owner! Listen in on some of Chad’s wisdom!

Here is the link to Chad’s LinkedIn if you are interested in connecting with him!

Book of the Week: WTF?! Willing to Fail

My friend, fellow EO’er & billionaire Brian Scudamore talks about willing to fail and defying the odds. A quick read, but a must read for anyone looking to make a jump into ambiguity. This book is perfect to align with this weeks episode with Chad as we did fail, but we made one hell of a comeback from what we learned.

Headline of the Week: McDonald’s is Closing Hundreds of Its Wal-Mart Restaurants

This article strikes me deep. 6/1/21 is supposed to be the 10 year anniversary since I opened our restaurant Old School Pizza Tavern in Arlington, TX. In 2019 we did 1.2 mil in sales & barely broke 700K in 2020. This year compared to 2020 we are down an additional 7%. Things are not getting better for the restaurant industry. Will this get better or will people save their stimulus checks?



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