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EPISODE 129: Chris Blow

How the Marines Prepared Him for the Police Force

In this episode of Winning Strategies Playbook, James Pederson welcomes long-time friend, fellow Marine, and police officer, Chris Blow. Chris talks about his experience growing up in Dallas, graduating from high school early, and his career in the Marine Corps. He also discusses his experience with the police force, and the different positions he’s taken, including being an undercover officer.

Chris also shares how jiu-jitsu has been a life-saver for him, not only as a way to help de-stress, but has truly saved his life in various moments throughout his career, where the ability to make split-second decisions can mean a matter of life or death.

He and James also talk about how empathy can be a great attribute in the world of the police, and why sometimes you need to look at the whole picture before you form your opinions on either side.

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