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Marine Life Lessons

In this episode(27) of Winning Strategies Playbook, our host and real estate expert Jeremy Spann interviews Chris Hamilton, former Marine and Partner and Employee Benefits Practice Leader for Hotchkiss Insurance.

Jeremy and Chris go thru a few Marine life lessons in this episode. Chris unfortunately had a few injuries through his Marine Corp career, but says that these lesson have ultimately prepared him in life for the ups, downs, and anything in between. Tackling it head on, Chris has become a successful business advisor to a myriad of clients in the US. Enjoy!

Here is the link to Chris’s LinkedIn if you are interested in connecting with him!

Book of the Week: Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands

Understanding cultures can make the difference of doing business, negotiations, navigating political waters and more. Communication is key and we see less of it now. This is a major reason why we use Culture Index with clients to be better for them. This is a book I read several years ago and still worth the read in a time period where there is a lot of migration occurring (even if it is from USA state to state)

Headline of the Week: Powell, Do You Even Know the Economy Is?

The government benefits the first from new money creation, massively increases its imbalances, and blames inflation on the last recipients of the new money created, savers and the private sector, so it “solves” the inflation created by the government by taxing citizens again.

Is inflation a taxation without legislation? Where is the economy now and where is it heading?



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