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EPISODE 87: Dr. Robert Yoho

The Corruption of Our Healthcare System

Dr. Robert Yoho is a retired Cosmetic Surgeon who is passionate about exposing the corruption of our medical system and educating people to help them make more informed decisions about their own healthcare.

In this episode of Winning Strategies Playbook, Dr. Yoho joins Jeremy to talk about his findings, statistics he’s discovered, and other researched and medical options about what is happening in our healthcare system that leaves it up to question if the government is really looking out for our best interests.

This is a great episode to listen to with an open mind.

Resource List:

RFK Junior –

Dr. Vliet –

Book: The Chicken Shit Club

Substack is a great place to find information that doesn’t censor.


Book: COVID 19 and the Global Predators and WE are the Prey


Robert F. Kennedy Podcast:

Joe Rogan – Episodes

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Frontline COVID 19 Critical Care Alliance

AAPS – American Academy of Physician and Surgeons

Americans Frontline Doctors –

Cochraine Reviews –

Dr. Robert Yoho Books:

Robert F. Kennedy Book:


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