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EPISODE 119: Gary Leland

Is Bitcoin Worth It?

In this episode(119) of Winning Strategies Playbook, our host and real estate expert James Pederson welcomes Gary Leland, serial entrepreneur and founder of BitBlockBoom.James sits down with Gary to talk about his journey as an entrepreneur from starting the first online wallpaper store, to a softball supply store, to the first podcasting conference, to now a conference for Bitcoin maximalists.
Gary discusses why he believes in Bitcoin and started investing in it. He also talks about why what most of us think about standard fiat, and the US Dollar really isn’t as safe as we believe. Plus he talks about other cryptocurrencies, and why Bitcoin and all other cryptos can’t be put in the same box.

To learn more about Gary’s conference, visit:

To connect with Gary and learn more about his projects, visit:

Gary mentioned Swan as a great way to get started in Bitcoin investing:

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