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EPISODE 134:  Jacob Luber

Microbes and Their Impact on Performance

If you were to study the poop of one of the world’s greatest athletes, let’s say a GOAT in the football world, what would you find?

It may seem like a crazy thought (or one featured on South Park): And yet, it’s the true story of today’s guest.

On this episode, James and Megan, welcome Jacob Luber, PhD to Winning Strategies Playbook to discuss his research, which includes studying the microbes of elite athletes.

Jacob is a highly accomplished academic with extensive experience in the field of cancer research. After obtaining his PhD and completing a postdoc, Jacob was offered a $2 million grant by the state of Texas to build artificial intelligence applications that can enhance the work being done by physicians in the clinic. Jacob’s innovative research in this area has made him highly sought-after.

They discuss so many things in this episode, including the world of generative AI and its potential impact on various sectors. They discuss how AI tools can generate code and text through Chat GPT technology, and how fake medical images generated from generative AI can predict cancer diagnosis for a fraction of the cost of traditional diagnostic technologies. They also dive into the challenges and opportunities of investing in biotech companies, including the potential emergence of the next billion-dollar companies in cities like Fort Worth, Dallas, and Omaha. They also discuss the microbiome’s impact on immunotherapies for cancer treatment.

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