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What made my transition successful?

In this episode(19) of Winning Strategies Playbook, our host and real estate expert Jeremy Spann interviews Jamie Peace, the President & COO of Total Sand Solution.

Jamie tells a pretty cool story on how his business career came to be after being in the marines. Jamie and Jeremy have great rapport on this episode so you’ll receive some fantastic insights from both the mindset of a marine and high-level business men. 


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    • HEADLINE of the WEEK
      • 2020 Migration Trends: U-Haul Ranks 50 States by Migration Growth by U-Haul

      • U-Haul as a source for migration came to me in Episode 7 with TJ Rossi (the first of his 2 episodes so far) when we talked during his podcast about tracking migration. I mentioned census data where he replied with “why trust what the government tells you, why not trust what business reports on its sales”. This was mind blowing for me and I began looking into U-Haul reports.

        In this article Tennessee is the #1 state U-Haul is traveling to and Texas is #2. New York is #42 and California in dead last at #50. The number of new clients we get in the Spann Group from California is astonishing.

        Will the economies of existing blue states suffer because of this migration? Will Red State temporarily flourish to the influx of money into the economy only to erode with Blue State Policies in these Red States later? One thing is for certain, there is a housing shortage in these Red States to accommodate the increase in population. Will that continue as well?

        YOU DECIDE!!!

    • BOOK of the WEEK
      • The Liberal Invasion of Red State America by Kristin B. Tate
      • “Don’t Blue my Red State” is something you hear quite often in Texas. A great article is by ZeroHedge “Blue State Economies Will Soon Crumble – But Will They Take Red States With Them?” comes to us making it curious to me how much of this is a major concern for those living in Red States. 

        According to the book “A 2019 poll found that 53 percent of residents are considering leaving California on account of the exorbitant cost of living” where reporter Kristin Tate delves into the data, lays out the astonishing statistics, and explores the likely consequences of this under-the-radar trend. If you want to understand the movement that is reshaping our country, read this groundbreaking book.

        What does this do to transform these United States of America? In a decade will places like California and New York become Red States where places like Texas become Blue States? Some might say Texas use to be a Blue State, but I would recommend those same people to research what it meant to be an Old Texas Democrat as I learned from my Texas History Professor in College David Clinkscale.


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