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How Do I Explain Society to My Daughter?

In this episode(20) of Winning Strategies Playbook, our host and real estate expert Jeremy Spann interviews Jared Clark, Owner of Forza Resources, an oil and gas broker.
Jared and Jeremy go pretty deep in this episode with family and health struggles. Jared speaks on how his daughter being seen as “different” is both a struggle and frustrating for him as its very difficult to speak on it.
This episode is a must for ANY parent out there as well as business owner because Jared really understands the dynamics of how to help others. Listen Up!

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    • HEADLINE of the WEEK
      • Rush Is Another Symptom of Market Madness by WSJ
      • If you have missed out on the latest GameStop and Reddit news, then where have you been?

        Day traders have grouped together to take a dead stock on its way to elimination with billion dollar hedge funds shorting the stock. These day traders grew the stock from $2.57 a share to as high as $483 on the 52 week range. This caused freezing in trading, which made an even larger bang as the country divided again into the Reddit camps supporting the little guy making money and Wall Street camps supporting the wealthy.

        This is not new news in a new post 2020 world where anything can happen. How do you feel on the topic? Should day traders be more regulated? Should Wall Street not have the ability to freeze trading? Where will the future go in stocks trading?

        YOU DECIDE!!!

    • BOOK of the WEEK
      • Team of Teams by General Stanley McCrystal
      • In Team of Teams, McChrystal and his colleagues show how the challenges they faced in Iraq can be rel­evant to countless businesses, nonprofits, and or­ganizations today. In periods of unprecedented crisis, leaders need practical management practices that can scale to thousands of people—and fast. By giving small groups the freedom to experiment and share what they learn across the entire organiza­tion, teams can respond more quickly, communicate more freely, and make better and faster decisions.

        This book speaks to the many podcasts we have had to include todays Episode 20 where Jared talks about the competitive advantage of being agile and quick to adjust. 2020 provided a new world where pivoting both fast and efficient are higher in demand now than ever.

        As a Veteran this book is an amazing read, but as a person in business this is a must read.


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