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EPISODE 97: Mallory Morris

Opportunites for Veterans

Did you know that Texas veterans have access to exclusive land sales, loans, long-term care, and more through the Texas Veterans Land Board?

In this episode of Winning Strategies Playbook, Jeremy and James are joined by Mallory Morris, Veterans Land Board Marketing Coordinator.

Mallory talks about what led her to the Land Office, and why she’s so excited about all the opportunities offered to veterans in the great state of Texas. She also talks about the different offerings that most veterans don’t even know about including long-term care.

If you’re a veteran living in Texas, then you must visit: ( To learn more. You can also connect with Mallory on LinkedIn for any specific questions.

This episode is sponsored by Flooring International in Fort Worth!

You can also connect with Mallory on LinkedIn for any specific questions. 


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