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Why Do Employees Want Robot Managers?

In this episode(15) of Winning Strategies Playbook, our host and real estate expert Jeremy Spann interviews Michael Sherrod, current Entreprenuer in Residence at the TCU School of Business. Listen as Michael gives his great insight into the world of what students are thinking about business and how current business owners and managers can warp their approach to increase productivity and happiness.

Michael has some pretty crazy thoughts on how a lot of current employees wish their managers were robots….listen up!

  • About Michael Sherrod
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    • Headline of the Week
      • 2020 Ends with Around 20 million American still On Jobless by ZeroHedge
        • The total number of Americans on government unemployment benefits ended 2020 just below 20 million. 2019 ended with just 2 million on jobless claims.

          The official reporting of unemployment is 6.69% where in this time last year was 3.5% almost double. According to an alternative to reporting that the true unemployment is 26.30% currently. 

          Where are we now truly on unemployment? Do we trust the governments numbers? Do we trust the analyst’s numbers? Are we just hearing what we want to hear? Are we worried more than we know, or is this all just going to go away?

          YOU DECIDE!!!

    • Book of the Week
      • Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson

        • When I was studying to take the Sergeants Promotional Exam while I was at Fort Worth Police Department in 2011 this book was one of our required readings to be tested on.

          To this day I still rely on this book to know how to have uncomfortable conversations with people on uncomfortable topics. I highly recommend this book as it helps you present information effectively. 

          I coach a few CEO’s and make this part of our required reading as we navigate the challenges in their companies.


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