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How Does Ryan Handle the World of Real Estate?

In this episode(16) of Winning Strategies Playbook, our host and real estate expert Jeremy Spann interviews Ryan Lamb, fellow Marine Corp veteran and Realtor at Sotheby’s International Realty.  Listen as Ryan speaks about how he has gone above and beyond in the real estate world compared to most types of agents. Jeremy and Ryan have gone thru similar paths and have a great back and forth conversation recognizing similar situations they’ve been in. Enjoy!

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    • Headline of the Week
      • The Intelligence Dilemma by GPF
        • This week we look at an article fro GeoPolitical Futures with George Friedman. 

          From the old days of Cloke and Dagger of the spy business we are not quite done with the Russians…. Chinese and many more players. 

          In Todays Spy Game we see the hackers and digital attacks being more prevalent. 

          Do they have an impact on elections? Do they have an impact on the media? Do they have an impact on your perception of the realities of the current world?

          YOU DECIDE!!!

    • Autonomy by Lawrence D. Burns

      • This book came recommended to me a few weeks ago by my friend Jon Lee (Episode 10) with Marshal Young Insurance. Funny enough that the insurance guy would recommend a book that will likely affect his industry in a major way.

        The book is about the innovation behind driverless vehicles. We are no longer watching the Jetsons as a cartoon because this is real life. The horizon is much closer than we admit. What will this do for the insurance business? How will this play a role in the lives of every human? 

        This is a fascinating read not just on driverless vehicles, but the journey of innovation in business.


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