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Why is getting the correct information so important?

In this episode(17) of Winning Strategies Playbook, our host and real estate expert Jeremy Spann interviews TJ Rossi for the 2nd time! TJ is the business owner of Monarch Green Inc. TJ’s company started as an oil cleanup and has ventured into removing water from oils and fuels and anything in between.

Jeremy and TJ attack the world of information in this episode; where to get it, how to trust it, how to recognize when its incorrect. This one is a keeper! Enjoy!

  • About Monarch Green
  • Book and headline of the week
    • Apple, Amazon Move to Marginalize Parler by WSJ

      I believe we can call agree last week was a very interesting week. One of the more interesting features are the Tech Giants. We have seen for the last year how the Tech Giants are under scrutiny for anti trust violations. After last week they are shutting down a new Tech Start up “Parler” a version of Twitter (click HERE for the article) and censoring President Trump.

      The funny thing is questions we will now ask in that “will the democrats back the Tech Giants for monopolizing and preventing startup’s like Parler after demonizing them” (Click here for that article)

      What does all this mean for free speech? Is this hypocrisy or is it not? Will parties say one thing, then change their stance when it fits their narrative?

      YOU DECIDE!!!

    • The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday What do you do when you are confronted with a mountain in your path? Go around it, over it, under it, and/or through it? Holiday talks about the Stoics who instead of letting an obstacle such as a mountain stand in front of you that the obstacle in fact becomes the way. We have to adjust, reinvent ourselves or make new paths.
  • The Storm Before the Calm by George Friedman

    I am reposting this book that I posted previously for the 2nd weeks drop on Episode 3. I find this to be fitting to repost due to the turmoil this last week in politics and the economy.

    Further, I felt this was an important book to repost due to many of my guests have read the book where we have talk about it.

    I cannot recommend this book enough. There are a lot of things this book talks about where it really seems history is repeating it self. The 2020’s seem to be in turmoil and it seems like they will only get worse. Read and find out why!!


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