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EPISODE 70: Trent Clark

How You Can Learn To Win Every Day

In this episode(70) of Winning Strategies Playbook, our host and real estate expert Jeremy Spann interviews Trent Clark, CEO and Chief Leadership Officer at Leadershipity.

Trent has spent his life teaching others how to achieve at the highest levels, and be the absolute best, no matter what their natural talents are. Trent’s experience includes winning three World Series Rings as a Strength Coach.

Trent and Jeremy talk about why grit and determination can trump any natural talent, why some win, and others don’t, and why focusing on the small things can make all the difference in the big outcomes.

Trent talks about his experience working with elite athletes, and how he has been able to translate that into his entrepreneurship ventures and helping others in high-level positions.

Here is the link to Trent’s LinkedIn if you’d like to learn more!

To learn more about Leadershipity, visit:


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