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EPISODE 136:  William Adams

Will Interest Rates Finally Start Declining?

Is this the perfect time to buy or sell, or should you wait it out for the market to finally ‘correct’ itself? (Spoiler alert: the market isn’t going to correct itself.)

On this episode of Winning Strategies Playbook, James welcomes back Mortgage Pro, William Adams. William talks about the current real estate marketing and interest rates, and what his predictions are for the next 12 months.

William and James also discuss how to thrive when your industry takes a slow turn, and the importance of referrals for the success of a business in the real estate industry. They also talk about why staying engaged with past clients and former collegues is so crucial to build that sphere of influence and constantly stay on top of mind for when that moment happens when the economy does start to get hot again.

William also provides insight into the housing market, advocating for buying real estate at a young age, and discusses the merits of buy down options, and when it’s a good time to take advantage of those. They also talk about why it’s the perfect time to buy a home if you’re using a VA or FHA loan.

Book Mentioned: William’s book recommendation is Atom Habits by James Clear. You can find it here:

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